Sea Ice at the Top of the World

Sea Ice at the Top of the World By Ned Rozell [fusion_dropcap]O[/fusion_dropcap]n a February day long ago, a family living in a sod hut near the Arctic Ocean saw blocks of sea ice bulldozing their way onto shore. Winds shoved more ice until the mass towered above them and started dripping water through a ventilation [...]

How Many Glaciers Are There in Alaska?

How many glaciers are there in Alaska? There's no easy answer By Ned Rozell [fusion_dropcap]N[/fusion_dropcap]ot long ago, a glaciologist wrote that the number of glaciers in Alaska "is estimated at (greater than) 100,000." That fuzzy number, perhaps written in passive voice for a reason, might be correct. But it depends upon how you count. Another [...]