Alaska Animal Tracks

Here are a few tracks from the animals roaming Alaska.

Deer tracks
Fox tracks
Porcupine tracks
Black Bear tracks
Polar Bear tracks
Grizzly Bear tracks


  1. Toni

    Hoping to relocate to Alaska .need to know where I can camp out where there are no bears besides Dutch Harbor, where can I purchase land to build wit a hot spring on it, safest place from quakes and volcanos. Read Far north east is best. Very cold however. Any answer for me.

    1. Dennis

      Camping in a place without bears is probably south of the equator. There are bears in all 50 states. You don’t have to worry about volcanoes or earthquakes anywhere in Alaska. The only hot springs I know of are in the Fairbanks area and Juneau and there are lodges built on top of them…


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