Detecting Alaska’s Next Earthquake in Realtime

Detecting Alaska's Next Earthquake in Realtime By Beth Grassi Across Alaska and a sliver of western Canada, 280 seismic stations silently do their jobs. Hidden in dark holes drilled into rock in boreal forest, northern tundra and mountaintops, the instruments wait patiently for the next tremor. The EarthScope Transportable Array of seismic monitors is now [...]

Alaska Hit By Major Earthquake, Again

Alaska Hit By Major Earthquake, Again By Ned Rozell What’s this? Another aftershock? That’s hundreds now, each more faint than the last. Sorry, I guess I’ve moved on. I should pay more attention, given that you - a 7.9 deep in the seafloor not far from Kodiak - are the most powerful earthquake on the [...]

Tidal stresses and giant earthquakes

Tidal stresses and giant earthquakes By Ned Rozell [fusion_dropcap]A[/fusion_dropcap] scientist once noticed a connection between the stress that tides inflict on the planet and the number of small earthquakes that happen in some areas when that pressure is greatest. She saw a pattern to these earthquakes leading up to great tsunamis. A graduate student is [...]