Fall Leaves Along Cook Inlet and Alyeska Gondola (Pics)

I don't usually make posts like this - but why not? I went up the gondola at the Alyeska Resort yesterday morning at 10 am and took a few quick pictures. The second batch is driving home from Whittier last night along the Seward Highway. These were taken about 7 pm.

The Moose Are Gathering in the Powerline Pass (Pics)

Moose Are Gathering in the Powerline Pass For the Annual Rut Season Went hiking up the Powerline Pass trail in Anchorage this morning and thought I'd post a few pictures. I saw 5 bull moose and 2 cows in the valley. Had to walk about 100 yards through a swampy marsh to get the closeup [...]

Denali National Park Rainbow

Here's a picture I took years ago also known as the "Gay Batman Signal". It's been passed around the internet for years so I thought I'd post it up here. This is not Photoshopped! There was a full rainbow at first, then a thunderstorm rapidly developed over the mountains to the northeast. The storm clouds [...]