Measuring the highest peaks in the Brooks Range of Alaska

[fusion_dropcap]U.[/fusion_dropcap]S. Geological Survey topographic maps give you a choice on the height of Mount Isto. Depending on what map scale you choose, the mountain in the Brooks Range is either higher or lower than 9,000 feet. Using a new combination of techniques, an Alaska researcher has crowned Mt. Isto the highest peak in America's arctic, [...]

Tracking Alaska Salmon To Their Birth Streams

Tracking Alaska Salmon To Their Birth Streams By Ned Rozell [fusion_dropcap]S[/fusion_dropcap]trontium is a trace element and mineral people use to make glow-in-the-dark paints and toothpaste for sensitive teeth. In research for his college degree, Sean Brennan used strontium’s unique qualities to track salmon in an Alaska river. At Brennan’s Ph.D. defense at the University of [...]