Yet another reason not to buy farmed (fake) salmon

“1,400 times more antibiotics…”

“But Nova Austral’s pristine image crashed in June with the first reports that it had doctored the number of salmon that had died at its farms”

Another farmed salmon company in Chile has been caught lying. Besides the chemicals is has to pump into the fish to keep it alive now one has been caught lying about how many die from its techniques to produce the artificial fish.

From the LA Times – “There’s this salmon-farming company located on the far southern tip of Chile that goes by the name Nova Austral. The company is quick to point out that its salmon are antibiotic free.”


“This is a big selling point. Farm-raised salmon loaded up on antibiotics grosses many consumers out. So the antibiotics-free kind can fetch premiums of as much as 30% over the regular stuff in international markets. (Salmon caught in the wild fetch still more, as much as four times farm-raised.)”

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